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mikeybsr - Fri, Jul 10, 2020, 12:03 P
Very interesting Mike N! The history seems a little complicated. Sometimes I wonder "why"! Growing up I went to school at TFHS. Home of the Turners Falls Indians! Being alumni from TFHS we always, or at least I though Turners Falls Indians was honoring what happened at the falls within the town many years ago! Times have changed. I get that!
Many years ago I had traveled Navajo Nation through the southwest! Very depressing! My point though is history "good" or "bad" is and should never be forgotten.
The Racism Card" seems to be played too much and the media polarizes this by brainwashing people daily!
Back to Turners Falls. Keep in mind the high school, Turners Falls Indians! Takes pride within the town and is FAR from being racist!
Thanks to Christopher Columbus for naming American Natives indigenous people. I guess he set sail to the West Indies, thought he was there. Maybe met some people who were unable to speak the language he new and came up with the name "indian"!